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How will the Great Marsh Respond to Sea-level Rise?

Saturday, September 24, 2022

How will the Great Marsh Respond to Sea-level Rise?

Date & Time

Saturday, September 24, 2022

Time Slot(s):

11:00 am to 12:00 pm


As sea levels rise, the future of salt marshes is in question. For a marsh to survive, it must keep up by adding sediment and organic matter to increase its surface elevation. We will demonstrate the use of a sediment elevation table (SET) which, coupled with high precision surveys by GPS, measures sediment accumulation on the marsh. We will also show an eddy flux tower that measures carbon dioxide exchange between the marsh and the atmosphere, the balance of which tells us whether carbon (as organic matter) is accumulating in the marsh.

Special Instructions

The event will be held near the parking lot for the Parker River Wildlife Refuge area at Nelson Island, at the end of Stackyard Road, Rowley, MA (https://essexheritage.org/attractions/nelson-island-rowley-marshes). We will stay on or near the parking lot, but wear shoes that can get muddy! Late September is usually very nice, but we suggest having a windbreaker and sun and bug protection on hand. Binoculars would be helpful to see the eddy flux tower (and for bird viewing!).

Weather Restrictions

We will not hold the event in heavy rain or very strong wind.


Plum Island Ecosystems Long Term Ecological Research (PIE-LTER) Project




200 Stackyard Road, Rowley, MA, USA

200 Stackyard Road, Rowley, MA, USA


Refer to Google Map Link HERE.


Accessible / Wheelchair or stroller accommodating

Parking Available

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  • Nature / Science

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