DIY Driving Tour of Civil War and Abolitionism History in Lynn

Friday, September 18, 2020

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Friday, September 18, 2020

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DIY EVENT: This tour takes one past many sites tied to the Civil War and abolitionist histories of Lynn. As a testament to the time that has passed, some of these places look just as they would have in the nineteenth century, while others have been greatly changed.

The events of the Civil War and the ongoing efforts of the abolitionist movement in the 1860s brought tremendous transformations to the United States. Lynn particularly was home to many Union soldiers and abolitionists who were active at this time. Both of these causes, defending the United States from secession and abolishing slavery across the country, were tremendously popular among people of Lynn. As a city in the North, many in Lynn depended greatly on the union of the nation and had long opposed the practice of slavery in America. This history reached far beyond the immediate years of the Civil War. Decades before the institution of slavery officially ended in the United States in 1865, abolitionist leaders in Lynn spoke against the evils of slavery, founded anti-slavery societies, and aided enslaved people in their escapes through the Underground Railroad. After this time too, the city continued to reaffirm the ideals of union and freedom through the construction of monuments and memorials, commemorating Lynn’s part in the Civil War.

How to Participate: Participants have 2 options when participating in this activity. They can use the Google Maps Tour link as a companion piece for exploring the route.

Google Map:
Google Street/Virtual Reality Tour:

Or they can download the PDF  to explore each of these locations and the stories they tell. Click here to download the Civil War and Abolitionism in Lynn – Digital Tour The tour can be done driving or biking (walking is not suggested as many of these stops are far apart).


Patricia Lee, Lynn Historian


Lynn, MA, USA


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